About Gina

My happy place is travel. My passport marks over 53 countries and all 7 continents (yes, including Antarctica!) I’m fascinated by different people, different cultures, and different places. 

Yet, my biggest quest was to explore the singular and complicated idea of fulfillment.

As I traveled the world, I went on a personal expedition to figure out how people found fulfillment. When I travel, I love to embrace the idea of “When in Rome, do what Romans do.” In the case of traveling, gelato, a mid-day nap, and a 10pm dinner can be a wonderful thing. Yet in the case of my daily and professional life, “When you’re looking for happiness, do what others do” clearly does not work. 

I tried the PR job with big name clients, I tried pursuing my passion full-time and working at a fitness and tech company in Silicon Valley. I even tried quitting all together to be free from structure. I fell into a very common trap: I believed that I could follow someone else's fulfillment lifestyle. 

My biggest lesson I learned was that my daily lifestyle had to be aligned with my truest goals and dreams. I wanted freedom, I wanted to create my own brand, I wanted to inspire people to change their own lives for the better. It's no wonder I couldn't feel satisfied working at someone else's company. To be truly happy, you must design your own fulfillment lifestyle that will satisfy you on a daily level - that is the key.

The people I met in the townships of South Africa had a different lifestyle for their personal fulfillment than the people I met in the suburbs of Europe. You have to travel and explore your personal preferences and create your own happiness from within.

My new happy place is to help others find their lifestyle of fulfillment. For you, I created Gina Heart Lifestyle & the motto:

"Make Life Yours."

Gina is a trained life coach and applied positive psychology practitioner. 

She loves to dance, decorate, foster shelter dogs, and of course, travel.

Gina lives in San Francisco with her partner-for-life and soul mate, Jeff.