Coaching Packages

Coaching Packages

Baby Package

3 Coaching Sessions - 45 mins each

- You're curious about coaching.
- You want to see what coaching could do for you.
- You want to begin working on a singular goal or challenge.

  • $112 per session


I'm Ready Package

12 Coaching Sessions - 45 mins each

- You're serious about making a lifestyle change. 
- You're ready for long term success.
- You are committed to regain control in your life. 
- You are prepared to make improvements in multiple areas of your life, in support of a larger vision.

  • $95 per session
                   Save $204 in total


All sessions are via phone or Skype. Additional $15 for travel to in-person sessions. 
For additional inquiries, email Gina at 
Other services include single decision-making sessions and in-person walking sessions.