What is Life Coaching?

Life coaching is not consulting or therapy. I will not give you advice nor will I listen to you unload about a past issue or challenge. Life coaching is for those who are focused on their future growth and success. If you are ready to commit focused time to a goal that you know you deserve, but are unsure about how to get there, then life coaching is for you.

What is Lifestyle Coaching?

My expertise is in Lifestyle coaching: developing daily habits that will align you to your ultimate goal. 

What is the format and process?

Format: 45 minute phone calls. Yes, coaching via phone is highly effective. If you are located in the same city as me, then I also offer in-person walking coaching sessions. Please inquire at gina@ginaheart.com
Process: I will provide a form prior to every call that will help you focus on what you want to get out of each session. You will dictate how your time is spent and on what topic. On every call, I will guide you with powerful questioning to help you get clarity and one step closer to your goal. 

How long does the life coaching process take?

You guessed it, it's different for everyone. Whether you want to change a long term health habit or land a new job, the length of time is dependent on your goals and your speed of growth. Coaching agreements are typically 6 months to 1 year, the optimal time to make lasting change. I offer 3 month packages with the option of stacking packages for long term success. You can view the coaching packages here.  My recommendation is to have a 1:1 complimentary 30 min session with me so that we can asses your needs and the length of time that is best suited for you.  

Why hire a life coach when I have friends and family? 

With family, it is common that their bias can lead to "suggestions" that don't suit you. With friends, it is common that they will side with you in any situation. As a life coach, I am an objective advocate in your life whose purpose is to help you thrive with only your success and well being in mind. A coach will champion you, challenge you in old habits or limiting beliefs, and empower you to make choices that best progress your life.    

Can lifestyle coaching really help me with any adversity or goal that I have?

​Yes, my style of coaching involves strategies that pinpoint your weakness and success patterns. I will guide you through exercises such as "zapping tolerations" and "upgrading your environment" that will help you feel ease, clarity, and control as you work towards your goal. With that knowledge, we can create the right plan, coming from a place of joy to help you execute. These techniques are the same across topics of career transition, relationships, health/wellness and purpose. 

Is it a 100% guarantee that I will see results?

Absolutely, if you put in 100% of the effort. I will always be an accountability partner for you and I will always push for your success. Every coach will tell you, the progress in coaching happens in-between calls. When you take action during the week and experience growth and challenges, that's when coaching works.  

My commitment and skills + your focused effort and action = the results you are seeking.

If you arrive at every call with intention & engagement, then you will have the life you want when coaching with me.