What Happened after I hit a “Positive Plateau”

What Happened after I hit a “Positive Plateau”

What Happened after I Hit a "Positive Plateau"

I call it a positive plateau: "When you've lost your upward momentum due to satisfaction of your current state of achievement or being." What I learned next was a massive breakthrough that I'm happy to share with you.

My goal was to quit my job, start my business, make some money, and positively impact the lives of my coaching clients. 

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  • And Check!

I felt such a sense of accomplishment. This proud feeling stayed with me for a couple days, but by the next week I  was miserable. 0 satisfaction. I had made such grand changes to my life, but my emotions weren't reflection my accomplishments.
During a session with own life coach (I believe every good coach has their own coach), I shared my personal dilemma:
"I accomplished all the things that I dreamed of doing a year ago and I'm pretty proud of how far I've come. I still have these big visions and I feel satisfied, but something seems to be missing. I made these new finance goals but they don't seem to motivate me." 

What she said next rocked my world:

"At this point, you've done all you can to improve yourself. So now, it's not about focusing on you anymore.
Now it's about everyone else and how you can help.
It's time for you to give. "

Essentially, I had already made it to the top of my personal success mountain and there was no where else for me to go. Of course, in a moments time, I'll find another mountain to climb, but when you're in a positive plateau, it's time to think about others.

Coming from a mindset of giving rather than receiving made my ambitions spark again. If you're feeling satisfied in your current situation, you can ask yourself these questions: How can I be of service? How can I add value to someone's life? How can I do more for others with my skills and expertise?

"When you're done climbing for yourself, it's the most refreshing mindset shift to start climbing for others." - Gina

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​Have you experience a positive plateau? What happened and how did you get re-inspired to climb again? Please share with us in the comments below: 

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