Hate Your Job? 3 Ways to Make it Better Now!

Hate Your Job? 3 Ways to Make it Better Now!

Hate Your Job? 3 Ways to Make it Better Now!

You're not quitting anytime soon, and even if you did, there's another 2 weeks to go. 
Here are 3 ways to stop hating on the hate and make going to work more tolerable!

1. Name 3 Specific Reasons Why you DO Like your Job. 

This sounds counter intuitive, but I do this with my coaching clients all the time. If you stay within a negative perception towards your job, you’ll never move into the positive. It’s just like that kid who is angry at their mom. They may be over it, but it’s easier to stay angry at mom for a while. Don’t be like the grumpy kid!

1) I like my desk space. It’s very comfortable and organized.
2) I like my coworkers, they are young and bright and I love their energy.
3) I like the mission of the company. It’s the reason why I joined.

What are yours?
1.                                                                                                   .
2.                                                                                                                     .
3.                                                                                                     .

2. Control What You Can Control.

What part of your job do you dislike most? (Really stop to think about this...) Now, take action! What tiny little thing can you act upon towards making your job situation better?


Problem #1: My higher-ups do not recognize me or my hard work. 
My Action: I will send an email to have a 1:1 with my manager to assess what they actually think or what I can do to be better recognized.

Problem #2: The office is always way too cold, or way to hot!
My Action: I will ask to see if anyone else feels the same way and try to turn down the air conditioning or maybe buy a mini heater. 

Problem #3: I am just not excited or passionate about the work I do. 
My Action: I will create a game out of my mundane tasks and see if I can complete them faster or look for opportunities in my company to ask for different work. 

Why does taking baby action steps work? Because:


When you begin to address a bad situation, you are taking the control back into your own hands. Small steps is progress, and progress is happiness.  

3. Treat Your Time Outside of Work as....Time Outside of Work.

We all know the feeling; you're exhausted, your brain is fried, and your body feels drained. Likely, these are the after effects of the negative energy you've used at work. They can also be the stress of working on something you don't enjoy or with being around people who don't uplift you.

The key here is to NOT take any of it home. Leave it at the doorway of your office building and don't look back. Optimize your time outside of work (in the morning and evenings) to live the lifestyle that you truly want. Go to your favorite workout class, spend time with the people who matter in your life, carve out time to practice your favorite hobbies (strum your guitar for 15 mins, draw for a bit, or cook dinner). Often times, when we don't shift our energy, we come home from a rough day at work and justify it with buying take out, watching brainless TV, and leaving all the laundry to wash itself. These lifestyle habits can easily turn into a downward spiral. By engaging with activities that bring you joy, you'll be able to catch yourself and gain momentum to spiral upwards again. 

Of course, this takes time and energy so don't fear! Start small: set aside 15 minutes of your day to live with the energy and lifestyle you know you are capable of. Pick one thing that you'd like to do and let yourself enjoy it FULLY. It's just 15 minutes. 🙂 

To recap: 
1. Name 3 Specific Reasons Why you DO Like your Job.
2. Control What You Can Control.
3. Treat Your Time Outside of Work as....Time Outside of Work.

This is YOUR life, one step at a time, you can adjust your lifestyle to live the life you've always wanted. 

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From the bottom of my heart, Make Life Yours.
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