How to Get your Motivation Back

How to Get your Motivation Back

How to Get your Motivation Back

It happens to all of us. Sometimes you're laser focused and thrilled to get something done. Other times it feels like your motivation went for a walk and never came back...

Let's get to the bottom of this. To better understand our motivations, let's look at 2 definitions of motivation:

  • Merriam-Webster: "A force or influence that causes someone to do something."
  • "Having a strong reason to act or accomplish something."

Most of my work in life coaching is helping professionals in their 20's unearth their personal reasons for doing something. We work together to trigger the force that pushes them forward, aka: motivation. I promise you, you've had this motivational feeling before, we just need to help you revisit it.

1. Go back to your "why" statement.

This is the root of what you are trying to get done. Why did you pick this job? Why did you want to complete this project? Why did you set a goal to lose 10 pounds? 

Here's an example to help you go deeper: 
Ex: You're a graphic designer.
Ask yourself these questions: Why do I love designing? Why is it ESSENTIAL that the world needs designers? Why did I fall in love with creativity and innovation in the first place?

Simply thinking about this exercise will not work, so write your reasons down in your journal, send an email to yourself, or explain your reasonings out loud.

#2: Think of this quote: "Winners get shit done and losers wait for motivation."

When you feel resistance, try planning this game: push through and JUST DO IT. See what happens. Here's one of my favorite TED Talks on pushing yourself.  On a psychology level, our ancient human brain will go into fight or flight mode. In hunter gatherer times, fleeing from a bear was a much more intelligent idea than fighting it. Today, fleeing from your design project due this Friday may not serve you. Unfortunately, a lot of our core instincts are no longer useful for modern day living, so we need to learn how to override it. It's time to fight. 

"To begin, begin." 


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And that's it! If you are aligned with your life purpose, then the above 2 exercises will definitely work for you. You may have lost some momentum along the way and just needed 1) a reminder and 2) a push. Remember: You are needed, you are talented, and you are brining incredible value into the world. If you ever lose your motivation again, come back to your "why" and then...just begin. 

If you're still feeling like "But Ginaaaaa, what if I just don't want to get shit done?!"  Then read this. Motivation may not be your issue.

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