The Inspired Life Makeover

The Inspired Life Makeover

Sometimes we loose our spark because we just aren't inspired. 
When our environment is cluttered, so becomes our mind.

I couldn't concentrate when there was a mess near my computer. I found myself cleaning instead of working. At the beginning of every month, I had a longing for some sort of cleanse. Not like a juice cleanse just for my body, but a full lifestyle cleanse for my soul. It became a personal ritual that rejuvenates me each month.

I created this course to help you get a facelift for your life so you can go out into the world and do what you do best!

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Imagine the energy and time wasted when your home or work space doesn't support you to be in flow:

  • You've got some clutter in your home. Instead of enjoying your humble abode, you're stepping over things or tripping.  
  • "Where did I put that doc again?" Has your desktop and computer become victim to a cyber tornado? No more wasted time digging in the rubble!
  • "I've got great app on my phone I want to show you!.....Where is it....hold on..." 
  • Does your wardrobe reflect your true self? It's time to get rid of the things that are too big, too small, too torn, and too NOT you! Time to find the diamond in the rough.

Make your environment work for you:

  • ​We'll define your favorite colors and images to add inspiration and motivation into your home.
  • I'll show you simple tips and tricks to make your phone and computer inspire you.
  • A new workspace that increases your productivity.
  • Clothes that make you feel sexy and alive. Style that brings you confidence in any situation.
  • Clutter-free beautiful goodness that will make you want to get back on track to chasing your dreams!

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