My #1 Tip for Important Decision Making

My #1 Tip for Important Decision Making

My #1 Tip for Important
Decision Making

This tip helped me quit my first job. It also helped me quit my second job. It helped me define my next career move and whether I wanted stay in my home town or move to the city. Are you ready to hear what it is?

Here's my secret weapon: CORE VALUES 

Core values are a select 3-5 words that summarize the personal themes that matter to you most. Think of it this way, when you are on your death bed, these are the things that you’ll reflect back on with satisfaction - IF they have been achieved. These can be the themes that you most cherish in the present or themes that you are striving for in your future.

Examples of core value words: family, community, love, respect, eduction, fun, leaving a legacy, change, positivity, adventure, spontaneity, giving, and compassion.

So how do core values help you make decisions?

Here's a personal example:
My core values are: Passion, Impact, and Freedom (I remember them as "pif"). Back at my last job, I knew these words were important but I never defined them specifically. I also didn't highlight them above all my other values (wellness, love, community) and that was my downfall.

I worked at a a fitness and tech company in San Francisco and when I first got the job, it was a dream. After half a year, I lost my spark and felt so confused. Here was my skewed thought process:

  • Passion - Of course I am passionate about fitness and wellness (Why should I even be second guessing this job?)
  • Impact - This company gave me the amazing responsibility to expand and launch the brand to a new state. (I got to make an impact!)
  • Freedom - At a start up, I has so much more flexibility than people working in corporate. I was even encouraged to go to workouts in the middle of the day. Freedom rings!

It was so frustrating because I couldn't figure out why I felt unhappy and unfulfilled. It seemed like I was given the job of a lifetime and I was ungrateful. All I could think about was "What was wrong with me?" and "Should I quit?"

Then I learned how core values actually worked. I put my 3 main values above the rest. If you care about 10 different things, then you'll have 10 different variables to measure your choices against, that's not easy. I also made each core value must mean something very specific to me. Words carry different meanings and emotions for different people. Here's how I now define my values:

  • Passion - The feeling of worthiness and enthusiasm for over 70% of the work that I do. Living a lifestyle that excites me and having passionate relationships with my partner and friends.
  • Impact - To create highly meaningful value for people through my lifestyle coaching business and product brand.
  • Freedom - Ability to work where I want, travel more than 2 times a year, and have a flexible schedule during the work week.

Now, it is evidently clear that my last job didn't fulfill passion, impact or freedom for me. To this day, I use core values to help me make decisions in business and in my personal life. 

"When you have 3 words that define your ideal values, then you can measure any important decision against them."

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Now it's your turn! Take your time and choose your words carefully. You can use this list for ideas. Narrow it down to 3 words - this will be the hardest part, but also the most important. Now give specific and personal definitions to the words you chose. This part is key! Want to do this together? Schedule a free 30-min session and we’ll work together on identifying your true values. This is one of my favorite exercises to do, so don’t be shy!

Once you have your core values, measure them with the options in your current decision. Does your job bring satisfaction to all your values? Is your current lifestyle supporting you to get more of the values that you are seeking? Do you have relationships and support systems that encourage you to go towards your values?

What are YOUR core values? Share them below:

2 responses to “My #1 Tip for Important Decision Making”

  1. Fabiana Couto says:

    Thank you for such awesome article! 🙂
    I just found out that my core values are 3C’s: Community, compassion and courage
    Big hugs

  2. Gina says:

    You are so welcome Fabiana! Wow, amazing core values – I especially like courage. Because I know you’re an entrepreneur, that is a great core value to constantly help push you beyond your own boundaries and become the leader you were born to be! So excited for your future to come and I hope these core values will support you in the journey!

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