Why You Just Don’t Want to Do It

Why You Just Don’t Want to Do It

Why You Just Don't Want to Do It

People often confuse resistance towards getting things done as a "lack of motivation." I warn all my coaching clients to be very careful with how they label these feelings. If you're passionate about your work and it aligns with your core values, then this post on motivation will work easily for you. But if you're still feeling resistance and thinking: 

"But Ginaaaaa, I really just DON'T want to do it."

(This is me not wanting to do anything...)

This is me not wanting to do anything...

Then it could be one of two things. The key here is that you gotta dig deeper. You're not lazy and you're not useless. Listen up:

1) You're fearful of something.

It's natural for human beings to move towards pleasure and away from pain. We fear pain. Your resistance is another way of protecting you from something that you anticipate to be unpleasant.

So let's imagine, if you completed this task/project/endeavor, what might you be scared of on the other side? Maybe your accomplishment could lead to criticism from others? Maybe it will lead to more work and more responsibilities? Maybe you don't know what will happen and the unknown makes you uncomfortable? 

My personal example: For the longest time I didn't want to do a detailed analysis of my business finances. On the surface, I thought it was a lot of tedious work and it wasn't my expertise. What if I mess up? My deeper fear was: my financial analysis would reveal that I lost money, that all my work was for nothing, that I'm a terrible business woman. In order to spare myself from negative emotions and the unknown, I kept putting it off. (Little did I know, those scary numbers were all in my noggin.)

Try it. Think for a second, what could be a pain point that is holding you back? Share in the comments below, we are not alone on this.

2) You're lacking energy.

If you know me well, you can guess where I am going with this - it has to do with your lifestyle. And your lifestyle is made up of daily habits.

Are you using your daily practices to support your positive and go-getter energy? Where might you need to make some adjustments?

  • ​Are you exercising consistently?
  • ​Are you eating well, especially during your working hours? 
  • ​Do you have time for meditation or "me" time?
  • Are you showing gratitude for those around you?
  • Are you surrounding yourself with other energetic go-getters? 

I'm sure you know, motivation doesn't just come to you. Motivation needs a vehicle to carry it forwards and that vehicle is energy.

Try it. What is one tiny little adjustment or improvement you can do today to foster more energy? Comment below to set your intention!

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